How to Stop Dog from Jumping on Patio Door?

If you’re looking to understand how to stop dog from jumping on patio door then this article will be beneficial for you. Patio doors are very important for your dog’s safety and comfort. They are the perfect place to go for outdoor exercise or a game of fetch.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on Patio Door?

But, too many of us have let them go out and get themselves into trouble because of their enthusiasm to play around on these patio doors. This leads to a lot of damage being done to their bodies and their lives. You see, dogs love to bark and they love to play with their masters. They are like children when it comes to playing and they love to have fun. But when they are out of control and just playing around on your patio door they can cause major problems.

Most owners will do everything they can to stop their dog from going over to the patio door and getting himself into trouble. This may include moving the dog a little further away from the door or making the dog wait inside while you go to get him. Both these options will work, but not every dog will be as understanding. I know mine is. So, let me tell you how to stop dog from jumping on the patio door.

The first thing you need to do is close the door, if you can. Then, go around to your back door and start to turn off all the lights. Your dog may be too excited and have an accident playing in the dark.

Now you need to get back to the patio door and take your dog by the leash and bring him back to the gate. Once he is inside, you want to make sure that he stays within reach of the gate so that you don’t let him jump up.

Once he’s inside you want to start thinking about what you can do that will not make him nervous and frightened in front of you, such as letting him out into the yard where you have a bigger dog. In other words, don’t just tell him that it’s alright but to go out into the yard with you and do what you need to do with him.

When you are walking your dog, be sure to talk softly to him while talking quietly to him as well. Keep in mind that he doesn’t want to bark or growl or anything else.

Eventually, your dog will start to relax and get used to you and your voice. Soon he will learn that you aren’t really there to be a threat to him.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on Patio Door?

Once your dog has been trained to not get over to the patio door, start taking him out again, but try not to let him run around the yard when you take him outside. This can also help calm him down.

Don’t forget about the house, your kids and the dog if you have any. This can actually keep your dog from jumping on patio door as well, because if the dog sees children, he might feel like he’s being watched. Threatened.

Don’t use harsh scents when teaching your dog not to get over to the door. I know it might seem like it’s a good idea, but if you do this, your dog will associate that with something bad, which can only make things worse.

Hopefully by now you’ve learned how to stop dog from jumping on the patio door. Remember, it’s all about making sure that you are there to provide the safety that your dog needs.